Trap Tuesday (Uralicans Uncut): Solar Dust Trap

solar dust

Solar Dust     CR 10

Type mechanical; Perception DC 35; Disable Device DC 35

Trigger touch; Reset none
Effect blinding flash (Reflex DC 22 or blinded); multiple targets (all targets in a 100-ft.-radius)

The eyes of the traveler are encased in a fine silver powder, undisturbed for centuries as it floats in the strange demiplane of Uklonjen. Energy has accrued to the space soot over time, transforming it into solar dust. Whenever the rotation of an item covered in solar dust is interrupted, the cosmic grit reacts wildly to the friction and erupts into a sparkling array of incredibly bright explosions of light. Creatures within 100 feet that have line of sight to the solar dust trap when it is triggered may become blind; they cannot be aided by supernatural healing of any kind, and only have their vision return after 2d6 days.

A DC 35 Knowledge (planes) check recognizes solar dust for what it is; armed with this information, anyone attempting to remove solar dust (disarming the trap) gains a +5 circumstance bonus to their Perception and Disable Device checks against it (rather than thinking it to be simple cosmic dust).

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