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Awake in Alucinar: Sleepless Sonuvanje

Stephni’s stomach churned as she trod through the portal spawned by the strange creatures that attacked but an hour ago, questioning her sanity with each step. The rest of the group had voted however, and the majority decided that with no other leads that the gateways were the most advantageous way forward. So it was, she thought—gripping the hilt of her sword—that Mykail had convinced everyone to head into another foolish situation. So what if there were no other leads? The cypher notes could have turned up something, but no, once again the bard was influencing the group’s direction.

Sleepless Sonuvanje

I’ve been right before, you know,” the half-elf says, seeming to read her mind as she stepped into a place he claimed was known as Alucinar. “What else would we be doing? I can’t make out anything from those weird messages and Justahn has confirmed that there’s no magical trace of where the P.R.A.N.K.S.T.E.R.S. went. This is just the most logical place.”

The minstrel cracks a smile that Stephni can’t ever seem to defend against so she just nods resolutely, scanning the area in this new dimension. “Right well let’s not vacation here, alright? I’m never at ease in these weird places and would much rather face off against something in Aventyr. Anything in Aventyr—I’d even take on the AaWBlog before another claustrophobic minute in Shlyappa, and this place seems even more disorienting.” Suddenly a whoosh of air and crashing of limbs catches her attention and she instinctively turns to face the threat, sword drawn. Much to her surprise it’s just Tekkittir, the half-orc’s expression even more confused than normal and the tree she uses as a club on the ground beside her. Odd to be sure, but the hairs on the back of the fighter’s neck rise as the giantess stoops to pick the weapon up only for her hand to pass right through the wood!

“Do not panic,” a loud, familiar voice rings out, yawning, “your friend will feel better shortly.” Looking around for source of the deep, basal tone, Stephni locks eyes with a massive dragon, but even to her mundane senses it is immediately clear that the creature is incredibly tired. It yawns again before continuing, “it is not uncommon for a creature to have some difficulty with their bodies when they first reach the Dreaming Island. You must be new here; I am Sleepless Sonuvanje. Allow me to be the first to welcome you to Alucinar, the Plane of Dreams.”

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