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Mendacious Materials: Sideribus Sanabit Salve

AAW_MagicItem_Monday_Sideribus_Sanabit_SalveSideribus Sanabit Salve
Aura strong conjuration (healing); CL 20th
Slot none; Price 41,500 gp; Weight 3 lbs.

This heavy clear glass decanter contains a blackish-blue viscous liquid with an oily consistency. When the container is opened and the liquid is exposed to open air, it eases in hue and becomes a cool midnight blue that sparkles with a star-like array of twinkling pinpoints of light.

A decanter of sideribus sanabit salve contains 1d8+10 individual doses of the mysterious mixture. To be effective sideribus sanabit salve must be liberally applied to the body of the creature to be affected, who is immediately graced with a warm and euphoric sensation the instant the concoction takes effect. The activated effects of the sideribus sanabit salve depend on the amount being expended in a single application.

When one dose is expended during application, sideribus sanabit salve functions as cure light wounds (CL 5th), and eases any immediate pain the target may be suffering for 1d4 hours.
When two doses are expended during application, the healing effect is increased to the equivalent of cure moderate wounds (CL 10th) and the creature gains the additional effects of neutralize poison (CL 10th) and remove disease (CL 10th).
When three doses are expended during application, sideribus sanabit salve also bestows a greater restoration (CL 20th).
When four doses are expended during application, sideribus sanabit salve functions as  regenerate (CL 20th).
Each additional dose beyond four that is expended during a single application of sideribus sanabit salve causes an additional instance of cure moderate wounds (CL 10th) to take effect.

Requirements Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item, cure light wounds, cure moderate wounds, dancing lights, greater restoration, neutralize poison, regenerate, remove disease, diamond dust worth 4,000 gp; Cost 22,750 gp
Sideribus sanabit salve may only be brewed during times of very specific celestial alignments and its formula is known to very few outside of the order of Sideribus Volunt. A successful DC 45 Knowledge (nature) check reveals the specific times the potion can be brewed, and the next applicable planetary alignment occurs in 6d10 months.

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