Wonders of NaeraCull: Spirits of the Sentinel

Shout of the Sentinels     CR 2

shout of sentinelsXP 600
CN haunt (all Stone Sentinels)
Caster Level 5th
Notice obvious (no check required)
Trigger removal of the earthbound gem from the Stone Sentinel at Grimstark Stoneturner’s excavation site.
Reset never (though it repeats for each of the sentinels if their “hearts” are ever removed).

When Grimstark’s excavation of the Stone Sentinel reaches its core, he discovers the earthbound gem and promptly removes it.

Effect When the “heart” is removed from the Stone Sentinel, the statue suddenly seems to come to life. The figure stands straight up, sending light debris falling down all around it. Outstretching its arms, palms-down, to the sides, it speaks with a near deafening, booming voice. In the Giant language the Sentinel loudly shouts, “To the earth I commend my spirit. Before my brethren, I return from whence I was wrought.
After the sentinel speaks the words, countless cracks emerge and crawl across the surface of its body—in an instant it collapses into a pile of featureless rubble.

Shout of the Sentinels
In the moments after the Sentinel is destroyed, the dust cloud it left lingering behind dissipates. One of the other Stone Sentinels suddenly opens its mouth and a booming, deep hum-like harmonic resonates from within it. After a few seconds a dozen other sentinels join the first, each emitting a baritone drone in various octaves that generates a tingling sensation upon the bodies of all creatures in the surrounding area.
The drone of the sentinels is unimaginably loud and can be clearly heard as far as 25 miles away from the site. All creatures on the mountainside must make a DC 15 Fortitude save or be deafened for 2d6 hours as their ears trickle of blood and constantly ring with a sound similar to the resonating alarm being emitted by the Stone Sentinels. Any creature affected by this deafness for more than 6 hours must make a DC 20 Will save or be driven insane (a psychosis that lingers for 1d4 days) by the unending drone.
After a one round all of the remaining sentinels join the chorus, and the resonance causes the ground to shake upon the entire mountainside, triggering the wrath of the effigy landslide trap. As the debris and boulders tumble down, all of the sentinels stop their shout in unison, close their mouths, and return to the state they were in before the haunt activated.

Destruction The only way to stop the haunt once it is triggered is to place the earthbound gem back into the core of the Stone Sentinel before it self-destructs.

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