Star System Set: Querritix — Rendari (Planet)


by Michael Allen

Home world of the haesten race, the planet Rendari is a place of solitary reflection, scientific breakthrough, and occasional catastrophic violence. The system's asteroid belt is worryingly active, and impact craters mar the surface of every terrestrial body in the region. Low-gravity jungles and isolated communities dot the local planetoids, while alien elders watch the stars, contemplating their place in the cosmos.

Star System Sets offer new planets to explore, dangers to overcome, lifeforms to study, and cultures to document. Modular enough for any campaign, each double-sided card presents a complete ruleset for ease of reference, allowing GMs to fill in the blank spots on their star charts.

Card types include Race, Planet, Character Options, Equipment, Monsters, and Mini-Adventure. Each set is available à la carte or as a six-card bundle.



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