Earl Grey, Hot

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It should have been a simple salvage job. Board the derelict, grab the goods and get back in time for dinner. Easy as lying. Only problem is that the ship isn’t exactly derelict. It’s just unconscious and suffering from one whale of an allergic reaction. It seems that a hold full of exotic tea leaves doesn’t much agree with a bioship’s digestion.

Assuming that the PCs can survive the antibodies, digestive enzymes, and short temper of a living spacecraft, they’ll still need to figure out what happened to the cargo. The big lug jettisoned the offending containers before it passed out, meaning that a king’s ransom worth of loot is somewhere on the surface of a very hostile planet. Even worse, there are other salvage boats inbound, and they don’t look to be the sharing type.

This Starfinder compatible adventure is suitable for four to five 1st level PCs. Adventurers can expect to find a new class of spacecraft to befriend, a bizarre new planet to explore, and more hostile alien lifeforms than you can shake a laser pistol at.

PDF, 45 pages
Adventure, monsters, villains, setting, gear, bioships



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