RotD: Underworld Encounter Maps (PDF)

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40 Underworld Encounter Maps!

Traveling through the Underworld, the players will encounter weird and wonderful caverns, challenging passageways, and many more strange natural phenomenon. These tiles allow you, as GM, to plan and position interesting and exciting random events for your PCs; their geomorph nature grants many different possibilities, giving many hours of action and excitement for the PCs.

These underworld encounter maps were crafted by 3x ENnie award winning cartographer Todd Gamble (WotC, Green Ronin, Privateer Press) and include maps from:

  • Underworld Caverns
  • Dwarven City of Embla
  • Drow City of Holoth


  • 40 images in TIF (for printing)
  • 40 images in JPG (for VTT use)


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