Rise of the Drow: Underworld Encounter Deck (PDF)

$7.99 $2.99

A full color deck of 60 premium double-faced cards for a total of 120 encounters.

For use with Rise of the Drow but suitable for any underground adventures.


Even in times of war, life goes on for those that live in the Underworld. As the PCs travel from the surface to Embla, from Embla to the outskirts of Holoth, and then even into the city itself, they will encounter the citizens of this subterranean realm as they go about their business, whether that is a problem with a previously unseen ooze, a deep gnome hermit in the middle of a 100 year retreat or a government-sanctioned assassin returning, injured, from a kill, with an angry mob on her tail.

This deck of cards is made up of over 120 encounters that can be dropped into Embla, Holoth or any of the caverns and tunnels that run from the surface to the drow city. Prepare for the unexpected, for your players are quite likely to encounter it!



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