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Stealing Stones: Shlyappa Zwerc Enclave

There’s no consensus on when exactly the zwerc enclave of Shlyappa first appeared—some scholars claim that it cannot have come into being until after the fall of the Dracoprime, while others point out that the intensely magical demiplane has power locked within that is far, far, far older. The enclave exists as a pocket plane within the Amber Roads, cut off from the rest of Aventyr and accessible only via the Amber Roads. Even lesser deities cannot see into Shlyappa without first entering the Amber Roads.

Shlyaapa Enclave story locale

Anti-Air Sentiment
Creatures with wings or are otherwise associated with air (via a bloodline, holy symbol, or otherwise) take a -2 penalty to all Charisma-based skill checks with denizens of Shlyappa.

Hats, Hats, and More Hats
All zwerc enclaves have certain taboos that cannot be trespassed without great consequence. One of the tenets enforced in Shlyappa only allows spellcasters wearing hats to practice their craft without suffering for it and as a result, every citizen wears a chapeau of some kind. Travelers that come into Shlyappa are offered a hat right after getting off the Amber Roads, and if they do not have a hat or helmet of some kind afterward, are frequently offered one. Creatures that refuse to wear a hat (this includes animal companions, mounts, and familiars) suffer a -5 penalty to all Charisma-based skill checks with denizens of Shlyappa.

Sealing Caves
There are few buildings in this zwerc enclave; every home, shop, and establishment in Shlyappa is part of the earth, housed within hollowed out caves and tunnels. Any zwerc, natural born citizen, or stonespeaker can wave their hand as a swift action to open or close a sealing cave. Other creatures can spend a standard action to open or close a sealing cave by making a DC 15 Use Magic Device check (no training is required for this use of the skill), though the sealing cave does not finish opening or closing until the end of that creature’s turn.


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