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Magic Item Monday: Shahiri Puzzle Box

AAW-ShahiriPuzzleBox-nocolors-01Shahiri Puzzle Box

Aura moderate conjuration; CL 9th

Slot none; Price 16,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Description Intricate carvings of various symbols (runes, figures, miniature weapons; each one of these items is unique) cover this beautiful multi-colored wooden puzzle box. Created to ensure the safety of valuables for a traveling adventure ages ago, this clever contraption has since become a common staple for the anxious explorer. Every Shahiri Puzzle Box is specially made for its recipient; the engravings along each one of these items reflect the deeds and demeanor of their original owners.

This magical device is connected directly to an extradimensional space (equivalent to a bag of holding II) accessible only when a character has successfully bypassed its numerous safeguards. Doing so (a full-round action) requires a successful Use Magic Device check (DC 30) but depending on the Shahiri Puzzle Box in question the difficulty of this check can change.

If the user shares the same race as the creator, reduce the DC by 5; if they share the same class (highest levels in a class count for multi-classing characters) the DC to activate this item is reduced by 5 and furthermore, should the user know details about the original owner’s life (sufficiently garnered with a Knowledge (history) check DC 20 or through story development) the check is reduced again by 5 (all of these stack). Once a character has successfully opened a specific Shahiri Puzzle Box they no longer require a check to do so.

Should a character lack the Use Magic Device skill, they may still be able to solve a Shahiri Puzzle Box. With a successful series of skill checks (DC 15, DC 20 and DC 25 – the skill is chosen by the GM for each one of these magic items) using a talent important to (and chosen by) the original owner, a character can successfully open one of these enchanted storage devices.

Special Failure by 10 or more on this Use Magic Device check reveals a false extradimensional pocket in place of the real storage area (equivalent in size to a handy haversack‘s central compartment) that consumes any items stored within it when closed (annihlating them entirely). When making any other kind of skill check to open this device a failure on the first check reveals nothing; a failure on the second or third check reveals the false pocket. Should a Shahiri Puzzle Box ever be destroyed, all of its contents are sent adrift in the disconnected extradimensional space.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, four kinds of wood (usually cedar, maple, oak and walnut), 8 ranks in Craft (trap), secret chest; Cost 9,000 gp (360 xp)

Submitted by Jesper Andersen
(edited by Mike Myler)

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