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Awake in Alucinar: Sea of Nightmares

sea of nightmares

A great disturbance has been troubling the Plane of Dreams, an invasive presence that can overwhelm even the most powerful creatures on the Dreaming Island: the psyche of a dead god.

The sea of nightmares rests on the edge of Alucinar, created from the nascent thoughts and reflexive synapses of the deific corpse’s brain, prompting miasmas that push and pull on anything that wanders too close or falls into its path. Every 4 hours the sea of nightmares sends out a wave of objective directional gravity that draws creatures into its center (DC 25 Will save negates); roll 1d6 to determine which part of the Plane of Dreams it lashes out at.

Once within the sea of nightmares (which is filled by a pink-purple water-like liquid), creatures are assaulted by a host of terrifying and horrifying images upon entering the hazardous area and once every 10d4 minutes afterward. Some of these are only figmentary but not all, and many ameslari have met a grisly fate to a surprisingly corporeal danger inside the ethereal current of the dead god’s mind. These effects are always reflective of the creature targeting them—treat an effect caused by the sea of nightmares as having a caster level equal to the target’s hit dice and spellcasting attribute modifiers equal to those possessed by the targeted creature. When a resulting effect requires a caster level that exceeds the target’s hit dice, defer to the lowest level effect that does.

1d100     Effect
1-15        shadow conjuration (creature)
16-30      shadow conjuration (effect)
31-45      shadow evocation
46-60      greater shadow conjuration (creature)
61-75      greater shadow conjuration (effect)
76-90      greater shadow evocation
91-100    immediate sleep and nightmare

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