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Magic Item Monday (Banlan Backlash!): Scribe Orb

scribe orbScribe Orb
Aura moderate divination; CL 11th
Slot none; Price 10,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

This many-faceted orb has been run through with a long adamantine needle extending out one end.

A scribe orb is a magical tool capable of examining and writing in detail the properties of any magical items it encounters. Three times per day the orb can be activated to examine a target item for one minute. Once the examination is complete, the orb takes on a faint light and then inscribes all the details of the item (upon a piece of paper, stone tablet, or even a wall) as though it had used analyze dweomer in a process that takes an additional minute. This second ability does not have to be used immediately, but if not activated before the scribe orb is used to examine another item, what would have been scribed is lost.

DC 15     Scribe orbs were created by Timean professors to judge the exact properties of their students’ work.
DC 25     Some scribe orbs have needles extending from the top as well as the bottom. They glow when they inscribe, as though they were writing such information into the air.
DC 30     Cursed scribe orbs are used by the orders of Timeaus to secretly gather information about other groups. They can occasionally be seen writing in the air information that it is magically sending to its creator.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Items, analyze dweomer; Cost 5,000 gp


[Submitted by Michael McCarthy!]


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