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Awake in Alucinar: Scepter of Nightmares

scepter of nightmaresScepter of Nightmares
Aura overwhelming necromancy; CL 20th
Slot none; Weight 8 lbs.

The scepter of nightmares is a magical +1 terror burst heavy mace crafted from the spinal column and brain stem of a dead god. The wielder of the scepter of nightmares may detect thoughts (CL 5th) as a standard action. Each day, upon the first attempt to use the weapon, the wielder must succeed a DC 20 Will save or become frightened of the scepter of nightmares for 24 hours.

The scepter of nightmares can be destroyed using it to slay every native ameslari in the dimension of Alucinar.



Terror Burst: A terror burst weapon explodes with a potent form of necrotic energy upon striking a critical hit. The energy does not harm the wielder. The necrotic energy causes bits of the target’s flesh to rot away dealing 1d4 Constitution damage, 1d4 Charisma damage, and 1d10 points of negative energy damage. If a weapon’s critical modifier is x3, the attribute damage become 1d6s instead. In addition to the necrotic energy damage, a target affected by terror burst must make a DC 30 Will save or be afflicted with terrible nightmares on their next attempt to sleep (as the nightmare spell; CL 20th).

Strong necromancy; CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; inflict serious wounds, nightmare; Price +5 bonus.

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