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Tribal Troubles; Sand Blast Trap

Sand Blast Trap

Singing_Sand_DunesThe disruption of magic has caused spots of “wild magic” to spontaneously appear in the desert. While the party travels among the sands, they encounter such a spot of wild magic.

Sand Blast Trap (CR 3)

The sand shifts along these wind swept dunes.

Type: magical; Perception DC 27; Disable Device 27

Trigger location; Reset None


A strong blast of wind stirs up the sand, strong enough to score flesh. Sand Blast (1d6 damage and be knocked prone and blinded for 1 round, sliding 5′ to 20′ down sand dune, DC 19 Reflex Save negates); multiple targets (all targets in 20′ cone)

In addition, such sand blasts add +10 to the DC of any tracking checks, and +2 to the DC of any navigation style checks, due to the changing landscape.

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