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Trap Tuesday (Lands of Ludolog): Rusted Door Portal

rusted door portalRusted Door Portal           CR 10

Type magical; Perception DC 35; Disable Device DC 40
Trigger touch; Reset automatic
Effect crushing portal (4d12 damage and creature is pinned for 2 round then instadeath, Reflex DC 24 saves for half and creature is not pinned); multiple targets (10-ft.-radius)

A DC 20 Perception notices that a rusted obelisk within the wall is actually a secret door. The rusted door portal trap triggers as soon as a creature touches it, warping and transforming into a gateway that sucks any creatures within 10 feet towards it. Creature within the rust door portal’s area of effect are pinned and take 4d12 bludgeoning damage (Reflex DC 24 halves and negates pin) and continue to take this damage each turn they are pinned. Once pinned, a creature can wriggle away from an activated rusted door portal with a DC 24 Escape Artist check as a full-round action.

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