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Story Locale (Forsaken Frontier): Rungkung Jungle

South of the Shining City lay the Rungkung Jungle, domain of Kaloatl the Eternal Eye and his army of the Smiling Sons. This entire region is set upon an elevated valley enclosed by steep inward sloping crags that trap moisture inside of an atmospheric envelope created by the rainforest’s plants, causing the domain of the benign mummy to be unbearably hot and humid year-round (very hot conditions).

Fauna: The indigenous peoples naturally came to worship the sun in all aspects and their temples to the heavenly star litter the valley. Three of these stepped pyramids are much larger than the others and equidistantly placed across the jungle in the rough shape of a triangle. The two nearest Salamangka are occupied by the Smiling Sons, and the last is home to secretive, sneaky runghalflings, refugees from Picollo that have adapted to the rainforest’s oppressive heat by mastering the night.
Rungkung Halflings gain darkvision 60 ft., but lose all racial skill bonuses and the racial +1 luck bonus to saving throws.

Rungkung JungleThe small folk are not the only creatures to take advantage of Rungkung’s unnaturally warm climate; reptiles and amphibians in these rainforests grow to gargantuan sizes. Rivers and streams that crisscross the region are rife with alligators the size of merchant vessels, sun-basked boulders are littered with iguanas the size of houses, and snakes that rival caravans slither through the jungle in search of prey.


Flora: By and far the strangest aspect of Rungkung, the plants here are unlike any others in Aventyr. Over the centuries they’ve not only grown to match the climate (most of them qualifying as megaflora), but some have been further changed by Kaloatl’s direct attention and divine blessings.

Holy Giant Flytraps can be found throughout the wilderness, but oddly, they do not attack every creature that crosses their path. Instead, thanks to the Eternal Eye’s influence, they only attack creatures of evil alignment. The husks of their prey are mummified, raised as undead with an alignment of lawful good.
Rungkung Megaflora have resist (fire) 10. Freshly cut wood cannot be burned until it has been thoroughly dried (a process that takes 1d4 days or 1d4 hours exposure to flame).
Sonceto Ferns are incredibly well-suited for exposure to sunlight, efficiently soaking in solar energy it uses to defend itself. When a creature brushes against a sonceto fern there is a 50% chance it reacts, shooting out 1d6 rays of light (+5 ranged touch, 5d6 fire damage, range 30 ft.).

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