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Trap Tuesday (Macabre Manses): The Roof is on Fire!

The Roof is on Fire!     (CR 10)
Type supernatural/physical; Perception DC —; Disable Device DC 40 (500 gallons of holy water)
Trigger destruction of the fleshdoll stage; Reset none
Effect When Madam Sutradhara is killed the destruction of the fleshdoll stage is triggered, erupting into a pyre of hellfire. The spirits of PCs trapped within fleshdolls are released and awaken 1d4 minutes later to find themselves each lying alone in one of the beds in the mansion. Unfortunately by the time they wake, the entire structure is engulfed in flames caused by the artifact’s destruction. The mansion is literally burning down around party and they have to withstand the damage caused by the heat of the flames, endure the inhalation of smoke, navigate their way through the fiery, smoke-filled hallways, and dodge falling, flaming obstacles as the roof begins to collapse inward!

roof on fire 1We don’t need no water…
The flames produced by the pyre of the fleshdoll stage (and thusly the flames consuming the mansion) are not normal fire, but hellfire caused by the release of the demon trapped within the fleshdoll stage. It requires blessed holy water of substantial volume (500 gallons) to douse the hellfire flames and prevent further burning of the structure.

A Rude Awakening
From within a groggy darkness you awaken feeling weak and disoriented, but filled with a sense of exuberation as you realize that you are back within your own body, laying on a wooden-framed down mattress in what appears to be a bed chamber. Taking a deep breath, your lungs cough from an itchy, gagging sensation in the back of your throat. Sitting up you see a thick, grey haze of smoke lingering over the room—from the clearing beneath a closed door you see the dancing illumination of a rapidly growing fire! Seconds later the wall adjacent to your resting place suddenly bursts into flame, and a rush of sweltering heat rolls across the entire room!

To determine where Madam Sutradhara placed each of the PCs bodies (and how long it will take them to escape the burning mansion), use the following chart. There will only be the body of one PC in any given room; if a PC already occupies a room that is rolled, roll again to determine an unoccupied room.
d100:               Location where the PC awakens:         Time Required to Escape:
1-20                  Guest Room on 1st Floor (#21)                         1 Round
21-40               Guest Room on 1st Floor (#22)                         1 Round
41-50               Guest Room on 1st Floor (#20)                         2 Rounds
51-60               Guest Room on 1st Floor (#23)                         2 Rounds
61-65                Bedroom on 2nd Floor (#34)                            4 Rounds
66-70               Bedroom on 2nd Floor (#37)                             4 Rounds
71-80                Bedroom on 2nd Floor (#38)                            4 Rounds
81-90               Bedroom on 2nd Floor (#41)                             4 Rounds
91-95                Master Room on 2nd Floor (#36)                    5 Rounds
96-100             Master Room on 2nd Floor (#40)                    5 Rounds

Making a Quick Exit

The PCs have the option of jumping through the windows to escape, in which case they bypass the process of having to traveling through the mansion and are immediately safe from the remainder of this trap. Jumping through a window causes 1d6 points of slashing damage from shattered glass, and 1d6 per floors fallen in fall damage (1d6 for 1st Floor, 2d6 for 2nd Floor, and 3d6 from the observatory).

A Mad Dash for Safety

For every round spent inside the burning mansion a PC takes 1d4 points of nonlethal heat damage. During each round of escape, the adventurers must successfully make all of the following saving throws or suffer the associated ill effect:

1) Make a Constitution save DC 15 or become temporarily overwhelmed by smoke and start coughing. If a creature fails this saving throw three times in a row, they are completely overcome and fall unconscious due to lack of oxygen until stabilized by another character with a DC 15 Heal check. If a creature remains unconscious in this state for a number of rounds greater than their total Constitution score, it dies.

2) Make a DC 17 Reflex save or be struck by burning debris as it falls from above. The burning debris deals 1d4 points of bludgeoning damage and 1d4 points of fire damage. If the d20 result of the saving throw is a natural 1 and that creature is on the 2nd Floor of the mansion, the following effect takes place:
Critical Failure while Dodging Debris
: Jumping out of the way of falling debris, the creature lands on a part of the floor nearly burned through. It collapses beneath their feet and they plummet to the floor beneath (note: the maps for the 2nd and 1st floors align perfectly to determine where they fall through. This collapse and subsequent fall deals 1d6 fall damage, 1d6 bludgeoning damage, and 1d6 fire damage, and leaves the creature prone and stunned for 1d4 rounds.

roof on fire 2
A Breath of Fresh Air

Once all of the PCs have escaped to safety the mansion quickly burns to the ground, collapsing into a pile of smoldering ruins with a roiling hellfire inferno at its center.

The roaring flames begin to extend skyward, reaching into thin tendrils that spiral around one another in a flaming vortex. An ominously deep laugh emanates from within the fiery helix followed by the terrified and agonized screams of an old woman.

The flaming, ethereal form of Madam Sutradhara flies out and towards the heavens, but the tendrils wrap themselves around her body. Her voice screeches desperately as she is dragged, flailing, back into the flames. Following a startlingly loud demonic roar, the fire is immediately extinguished and all becomes quiet, leaving only an eerie stillness that resonates from the smoldering remains of the destroyed macabre manse.

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