Rito della Successione

B15: Rito della Successione


A new adventure perfect for your Freeport campaign by Rory Toma!

One hundred years ago, Donadrien died shortly after creating her final opera. Her ghost reappears after each subsequent performance, and always kills one of more of the cast or crew.

Now, fresh off of a remodel of the Freeport Opera House, a previously unknown opera from Donadrien is ready to be performed.

It’s opening night, and the crème de le crème of Freeport is in attendance when Donadrien appears again. In the aftermath, the son of the primary financial backer of the Opera House is found dead, and the Opera House is shut down.

Can the party solve this mystery and help reopen the opera house and deliver justice?

Also included in “Rito della Successione”:

  • A description and map of the Freeport Opera House
  • Black Wraith, a powerful, soul-sucking dagger
  • Two new high level adversaries for the party
  • A puzzle in which the characters must take part in the opera
  • Maps by ENnie award wining cartographer, Todd Gamble

About the author:

Rory writes traps in his spare time. Lots. of. Traps. His site is dedicated to traps and now has almost 700 unique traps. Although they are mostly for Pathfinder, you will fine 4E, battlestations and even some exotic games, like Empire of the Petal Throne.

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