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Rise of the Drow Trilogy Kickstarter – More Details!!!

The Rise of the Drow Trilogy Kickstarter by just went live.  So, what’s all the fuss about?  

Here’s Stephen Yeardley (co-author of RotD) to tell you a bit more! puts out a new D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder Role-playing game compatible adventure every single week. In 2012 we released a popular and critically acclaimed trilogy called Rise of the Drow, but it’s only available in PDF format. We’d like your help to transform this into a single fully illustrated, full color, premium edition hardback book with loads of expanded content. Even if you aren’t familiar with the Rise of the Drow trilogy, you can grab an introductory pdf adventure to get in on the action and help do your part!

The Mushroom Forest will have even more action between the guardian golems and the chokers that are attempting to defeat them. Holoth will have more information about visitors, houses, and all that takes place as the PCs work their way through the city either by stealth or by fighting, and face the final house. Embla will be expanded, telling you more about its trade, its influence on the region, and the battling dwarves who are attempting to save their town.
Yul’s lair, already mysterious, will have great depth, greater challenge, and be an environment that the PCs will truly learn to fear. The Demi-plane of Venom, deadly already, will become a greater challenge that everyone will truly remember.

However, what I’m sure you want to know about is the all-new material that you’ll be getting. So where do we start? Well, triple ENnie winner Todd Gamble will be giving you new maps, both of all the current areas, plus many more of the additional action, and we’re aiming for cloth versions to use as fantastic players aids.

We have guest authors bringing you all-new environments and encounters, such as an entirely new drow house that will play a challenging part of the action in Holoth, a complete Undersea with ancient pirates, lost dwarves, and a ship that travels through the entire Underworld, a scene-stealing, PC-chomping deep dragon, and its realm, the dwarven Underworld capital of Stoneholme will be introduced for your PCs to perhaps visit, and certainly explore at a later date. The history of the Vidre, allowing deep immersion into their alien world will be given for the PCs to experience.

The hidden dwellings of other denizens that live and die around those two cities of Embla and Holoth will be introduced so that allies and enemies alike can be found as the PCs travel through the Underworld. The Rift-Realms of the undead members of the various Holoth drow houses will be given greater strength and emphasis. Other planes that the Drow Spider Temple touches on will have gateways introduced and expanded information.


Stretch Goals 

$5,000: Hero Lab files of all monsters and NPCs.

$6,000: Endzeitgeist, Paizo community reviewer extraordinaire (over 1000 reviews!), to author a section – The ecology of the Vidre, the primary adversaries in Usurper of Souls.

$7,000: New Interior Art by Rick Hershey.

$8,000: Robert Gruver, of D-Infinity and Skirmisher Publishing to author a section – A new batlike race exclusive to the underworld, and mechanics for echolocation in combat. Robert Gruver is a writer, father, and husband from Houston, Texas. He has numerous credits to his name including articles for “d-Infinity Magazine”, and has story in Skirmisher Publishing LLC’s “Swords of Kos: Hekaton” anthology. He is the host of the weekly gaming Youtube show “d-Infinity Live!” (

$9,000: New Interior Art by Tim Tyler

$10,000: Jason Stoffa, co-founder of Fat Goblin Games to author a new section – on the Undersea and a new subrace of corrupted dwarves.

$11,000: Brian “Necroblivion” Berg to author “House Everhate” – The sick mind behind Total Party Kill Games will be bringing us a new drow house for use within the environs of the Rise of the Drow adventures. He will breathe life into House Everhate, a fallen incestuous drow house crushed by its peers and left to rot. Fester they did, and out of sight is out of mind. Generations later they hunger for revenge, willing to use and manipulate anyone and anything they can in order to reclaim their former status and wreak their everlasting vengeance.

$12,000: A Book Golem Interior Art by Jen Page. Yes, that Jen Page.

$13,000: Owen K.C. Stephens to author new source material on a deep dragon’s machinations – The Lead Developer for Super Genius Games and contributing author to the Star Wars, Everquest, Black Company and Wheel of Time RPGs plus innumerable Pathfinder sourcebooks will bring us the details of a deep dragon’s lair. This source material will bring a new level of terror to these deep realms and possibly turn your players into crunchy bits.

$14,000: [LOCKED] New cover art to be designed by the inimitable[LOCKED].

$15,000: [LOCKED] – A fantastically themed stretch goal that will knock your socks off and be exclusively limited to backers of the Rise of the Drow Kickstarter. We won’t announce this until we hit the previous stretch goal.

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