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Trap Tuesday (Duty in Drak’kal): Reflection Pool Trap

reflection pool trap - 1024px-Sweet_Nothings_by_Godward

Reflection Pool Trap     CR 4

Type magical; Perception DC 22; Disable Device DC 21
Trigger proximity; Reset none
Effect target becomes fascinated with his own reflection (target spends 5 hours working to maximize their own personal appearance and grooming; DC 14 Will save negates); confused condition (1d4 rounds; only occurs when the reflection pool trap is disturbed as the target grooms)

One of the trendy fashions in Drak’kal involved the creation of ornate basins of water in place of traditional mirrors—as is common among Klavekian nobles, it didn’t take long for these to become the targets of pranks, becoming vandalized, discolored, or otherwise altered by mischievous vagabonds. An enterprising mage, tired of having his pool befouled on a regular basis, came up with the reflection pool trap to protect his gardens. Though the time of the trend has passed and the tastes of the Three Sisters’ elite have changed, some of these reflection pool traps are still hidden away, waiting for a weak soul to peer down into them.


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