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Realm Works: Create Your World. Tell Your Story. Master Your Game

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How many times have you struggled to keep your tabletop RPG campaigns organized? Have you ever lost track of what your players have and haven’t learned? Is “real-life” limiting the time you have to prepare for games? Do you waste precious time during games searching for details from previous sessions, some of which occurred months or even years ago? If so, you need Realm Works!

Brought to you by the creators of Hero Lab®, Realm Works™ is the Game Master’s answer to managing your campaign and your time, allowing you to focus on telling the story to your players. Built by GMs and players, this game-system neutral tool allows GMs to create and master their world like never before.


Game Prep

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Realm Works’ intuitive design allows GMs to quickly develop new content, change existing ideas and organize information for easy access and review. Use content from a variety of sources, including pictures, statblocks, Hero Lab portfolios, PDFs, and even audio and video – Realm Works allows you to effortlessly fold material from multiple sources into one Realm, so no more flipping between 3 books, 2 PDFs and your own notes!

As you enter content, Realm Works is smart enough to automatically detect links between different entries. For example, if you have a character named King Lear and you create a city where King Lear is the monarch, the two entries will link together. This eliminates the usual need to manually link topics together, as is necessary in most wiki-oriented applications.

Are you a visual creator? Realm Works also provides powerful visualization tools to help the creation of the story, tie events together and see the implications of the adventure’s plot along the way. Regardless of how you enter the content, you’ll find yourself spending less time doing prep-work and more time focusing on bringing the story to your players.


During Play

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During your game, access the content within your realm on-demand during play. If you’re trying to set the scene for your group, display your maps, images and other content directly through Realm Works and share it with your players. Want to display some content but keep some information hidden from players? Use our patent-pending Fog of World™ technology to reveal or conceal the exact content and details you want throughout your campaign.


The Community

Later this fall, Realm Works will also connect to the cloud, to make your gaming even easier. Share your creations with others or find ready-made content from to use in your campaign setting. Back-up your campaigns and also review your work via a web browser. Additionally, players will also be able to access your realm through a separate Player Account, allowing them to review what they have learned throughout play, record their own ideas and experiences in a player journal, and engage in discussion within game forums outside of the session.

Available September 2013, Realm Works is going transform the way you run your games! Follow Realm Works on Facebook for updates and sign up for the Lone Wolf Development newsletter for monthly updates on all products, including Hero Lab and Army Builder. For more information, visit our website at

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