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Realm Works Kickstarter by Lone Wolf Development

image_navigationLone Wolf Development stands out as a leader in providing software for tabletop games.  Their key products, Army Builder and Hero Lab, are award winning products that set the standard to which others aspire.  Their newest product, Realm Works, is poised to follow in those footsteps.  They are currently running a Kickstarter to pack more features into the initial release scheduled for July, and we wanted to share the project with you.

Realm Works is a robust, powerful campaign management system.  It allows GMs to manage their campaigns in ways never before possible.  Realm Works is “game system neutral”, and can be used no matter what types of games you play.  Its flexible nature offers benefits to a wide array of GMs and doesn’t dictate you use a certain style in your campaigns.  Using Realm Works, GMs can create, manage, and share their world using a single tool, rather than trying to cobble things together with multiple, disconnected applications.

"Fog of World" feature
“Fog of World” feature

Realm Works will be released in July with a substantial feature set, and your support of the Kickstarter will result in the delivery of more features sooner than otherwise possible.  Some of the key features already built for the initial release allow GMs to:

  • Quickly develop new content and revise existing ideas for any genre (e.g. fantasy, sci-fi, modern,) and any play style.
  • Effortlessly manage diverse content, including images, maps, Hero Lab portfolios, statblocks, audio, video, and virtually anything else.
  • Intuitively organize content for on-demand access and review during play, placing everything at your fingertips for quick and easy retrieval. No more leafing through pages of notes to find the information you need!
  • Determine exactly what information is known by the players and what remains hidden at a glance.
  • Incrementally review and display every aspect of your world to players, including maps, using their patent-pending Fog of World technology.  Realm Works makes it a breeze to do this, requiring only a single mouse click.  This functionality revolutionizes how you share your world with your players, easily showing them only what they learn during the game.

You can find even more about the features in the initial release that will transform your RPG Campaigns on the Realm Works Kickstarter page and on Lone Wolf’s web site.






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