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Weird Wednesday (Duty in Drak’kal): Rapacious Bags

rapacious bags hauntRapacious Bags     CR 3
XP 800
LN haunt (15 ft. by 5 ft. alleyway)
Caster Level 3rd
Notice Perception DC 23 (to hear the metal jangling of coins)
hp 6; Weaknesses susceptible to silver weapons; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 minute

Effect When the rapacious bags haunt is triggered, spectral bags of jingling ghostly coins follow creatures within its area, growing so loud that they subtly drown out the noise of anything else and cause deafness for 2d6+2 minutes (DC 13 Fortitude negates). After 3 rounds a deafened creature makes a DC 12 Will save or falls asleep for 1d4 rounds and immediately experiences troubling dreams of being eaten by unnatural creatures.
Creatures that make their Perception check to notice the haunt see and hear the rapacious bags, but otherwise they are invisible and silent.

Destruction Bringing an end to the rapacious bags haunt requires finding out the source of the apparition with a DC 14 Knowledge (local) check to know of Galdr Bartsa the tax collector and where his remains might be found, or a DC 14 Diplomacy check to gather the information from citizens of Drak’kal. Galdr’s skeleton must be found (a DC 14 Survival check), anointed with holy water, and buried in a cemetery. When found, Bartsa’s skeleton is oddly scorched by acid—a DC 14 Spellcraft check recognizes it is from a skurgbomb.

Adventure Hook Tax collectors have been subjected to several extremely vicious ends in Drak’kal, and the rapacious bags are a remnant of one of these impromptu public lynchings. In this particular instance, the poor soul of Galdr Bartsa was locked in an enclosed metal box, batted at with swords for hours until his ear drums exploded. Left without his hearing and unable to take refuge in the city, he wandered northwest of Drak’kal where beasts waylaid him not long after.

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