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Trap Tuesday (Destiny Derailed): Railroad Spike Net Trap

bloody impromptu pitons from a railroad spike net trap

Railroad Spike Net Trap  CR 5

Type mechanical; Perception DC 22; Disable Device DC 26
Trigger location; Reset manual
Effect railroad spike net trap (entangled 1d4 rounds, 2d8 damage per round); DC 24 Reflex avoids (creature is pinned and takes 4d8 damage on failure by 5 or more); single target

When triggered a railroad spike net trap ejects a heavy leather net weighted by railroad spikes that pins its target against the icy ground. After the emergence of the demons, this crude device was developed by PNE Railroad to allow patrols to quickly dispatch the creatures with a coup de grace as the railroad spike net trap securely pins them against the ice.



[Today’s Trap Tuesday was brought to you by guest contributor Timothy Snow!]

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