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Wonders of NaeraCull: The Queen’s Passage

The Queen’s Passage     CR 3
XP 500
NG haunt (15 ft.-radius around the Green Spire)
Caster Level 3rd
Notice — (only appears when summoned)
hp —; Trigger verbal (circumstantial), Reset
Effect This haunt only triggers if the PCs have befriended the waterfall nymphs that live behind the God Tears Fall beneath the Green Spire. If the adventurers call out (by name or otherwise) to the “queen,” the torrent of water parts and reveals a safe passage to the outcropping behind the great waterfall where the nymphs make their home.

Without the effects of the queen’s passage, the waterfall is 30 ft. deep and impenetrable except by magical means. If a creature attempts to pass through the waterfall’s torrent, it is immediately sucked beneath the surface of the river. The downward churning force of the current holds it there until it begins to drown unless the creature makes a DC 15 Swim check to escape the current and swim back to the safety of dry land.

queens passageDue to the unpredictable nature of the tremendous volume of descending water, if magical means are used to create an opening through the waterfall (such as with control water) a DC 10 Spellcraft check is required for each character that passes through such a magically created passageway.

The effects of this haunt are granted at the will of the Amril, so called Queen of the Waterfall Nymphs, a lingering benevolent spirit of a once powerful fey that inhabited the region. Though to many locals she is considered a minor goddess or nature spirit, Amril rarely interacts with the world of the living. Preferring to be a bit of a recluse, she only appears after witnessing an act of kindness, unconditional love, or when she is called to aid those who would protect her beloved waterfall nymphs. The queen’s passage is but one of the the spirit’s many possible powers.

The queen’s passage remains as long as the spirit remains. The only way to dismiss Amril—and thus the haunt—is to destroy the Green Spire.

The God Tears Fall rages down the western wall of the valley interrupted only by the massive green-hued stone spire that jets high overhead. Calling out to the queen of the waterfall nymphs, a harmonious feminine voice can be heard mingling with the roar of the waterfall. Though the words she speaks cannot be understood, soon her voluptuous feminine silhouette appears from behind the cascading water. A moment later her figure fades and the waterfall parts, opening a safe 30-foot passageway to what appears to be a cavernous outcropping on the other side.

The water remains parted until all the PCs have passed through to the home of the waterfall nymphs, at which point it quickly reverts back to its natural state.


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