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    Adventure Chronicle #1

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    Issue #1 of Adventure Chronicle magazine by AAW Games

    The tabletop roleplaying game magazine compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


    Contents for issue #1:

    Publisher’s Corner by Jonathan G. Nelson

    Adventure (5E): A Shoggoth Among the Sheep by Wolfgang Baur

    Review: Pixies on Parade by Endzeitgeist

    Review: Shattered Heart #1 – The Ties that Bind by Endzeitgeist

    Review: Ultimate Charisma by Endzeitgeist

    Review: Return to Crypt of the Sun Lord by Endzeitgeist

    Musings of a Mermaid: Interview with Jen page by Jonathan G. Nelson

    S.A.G.E. Advice for Enjoying your Game by Jen Page

    Comic: Tales from the Tabletop by Jacob Blackmon

    Rites of Spring by Will Myers

    Birth of a Freelancer by Michael Allen

    Rules for Falling in Love by Stephen Yeardley

    The Menagerie: Reliquum by Michael Smith

    The Menagerie: Froojarr Midgekind by Stephen Yeardley

    The Arcanarium: Copper Disc of Spring Feeding by Stephen Yeardley

    The Arcanarium: Halter of Training by Stephen Yeardley

    The Arcanarium: Herbalist’s Terrarium by Justin Andrew Mason

    Mini-Adventure (PF): The Spirit Bottle by Stephen Yeardley

    Mini-Adventure (PF): Fitcher’s by Stephen Yeardley

    The Gauntlet: Map Trap by Rory Toma

    The Gauntlet: Structurally Unsound Door Trap by Rory Toma

    The Gauntlet: Navigation Trap  by Rory Toma

    The Gauntlet: Thin Ice Trap  by Rory Toma

    The Gauntlet: Navigation Trap  by Rory Toma