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Submit your Questions for Matt Wilson of Privateer Press

Matt Wilson, Chief Creative Officer of Privateer Press & Director of the film Wolfsbane will be sitting down with NERD TREK for an exclusive interview.

Privateer Press is responsible for the WARMACHINE product line as well as HORDES, IRON KINGDOMS, and No Quarter Magazine.

The movie Wolfsbane is Wilson’s first foray into the film industry and is a modern day twist on the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

Now is your chance to have your questions answered directly by Matt Wilson!


6 thoughts on “Submit your Questions for Matt Wilson of Privateer Press

  1. Are there any plans to bring back the bodgers/gobbers either as a single unit or even better a playable force?

  2. when are we getting set 6 of monsterpcalypse ?

  3. When will PP be able to return to the regular release shedule and when will those annonced items like new shirts etc. will be aviable?

    Additional question: are there some news on the upcoming video-game?

  4. Hello,
    I live in So Cal and was wondering how I get my creative gaming ideas to the people that make things happen? I have several concepts of brand new unique games and systems but don’t how to cross the bridge to the next step? Should create a portfolio and blindly submit them to companies? Thanks for your time.

  5. Does PP have plans to buy GW and then light all the buildings on fire, just out spite?

    Is PP planning to appeal to women at any point by removing all references to balls or “play like you’ve got a pair”.

    Does PP plan to vote Republican next fall, and if so, which candidate are you currently in favour of? My guess is Michelle Bachman – she totally has a pair!

  6. The interview with Matt Wilson from Privateer Press is up!


    Many of your questions have been answered by the main man in charge!

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