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Trap Tuesday (Forsaken Frontier): Prepared Battlefield Trap

Prepared Battlefield Trap     CR 14
Type mechanical; Perception —; Disable Device special
Trigger location; Reset Repair
Effect DC 35 Leadership check or halve army’s OM, speed, and DV and limit tactics to standard and withdraw

prepared battlefieldAt the beginning of each melee phase, a DC 20 Morale check may be made to reroll the DC 35 Leadership check. A successfully sprung prepared battlefield trap can be negated for a number of rounds equal to its leader’s highest mental attribute modifier if this secondary check is successful. An army that has mobility grants a +2 luck bonus to these checks.

The constant warfare between the Disputed Territories’ denizens have taught them the value of a prepared battlefield and the importance of using tactics to take advantage of the terrain (both natural and man-made). Armies wait just on the other side of passes, fords, or other congestion points, ready to ambush. They often dig holes, divert water to turn roads muddy, or even use mundane and magical effects to slow and harass an enemy force to reduce its effectiveness. Because of their shared nature as undead, the vast majority of this region is rife with prepared battlefields frequently tended to and amended, making a strong commander and tactician a must for any military action to be successful in the Disputed Territories.

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