Practical Traps – Burglar Alarm

PSM_V18_D068_Burglar_alarm_area_indicatorWizards (and those that can pay them) are going to want to use spells and spell effects for practical, mundane purposes. Take the following:

Burglar Alarm (CR 4)

The windows are dark in this small cottage, it appears unoccupied.

Type: magical; Perception DC 30; Disable Device 30

Trigger location; Reset None


If the residence is entered, a small bell chimes. This bell, via a message spell, is also heard by the local constable, who will arrive in 2d10 rounds to investigate.

By stringing together a basic alarm spell (which causes the bell to go off), messenger and permanency, we have a fantasy equivalent of a modern burglar alarm. Of course, this doesn’t have to alert the local constable. It could just as well be used to notify a villain or one of his henchmen. The PCs could also use something like this. You could take this basic effect, and be alerted when somebody enters a location that you are tracking. Once notified, the PCs could rush to the location, scry, or any of a number of actions without having to actually keep physical watch.

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