Gypsy Wagon

Tribal Troubles: PickPockets

PickPockets outside of gypsy wagon
Gypsy Wagon

PickPockets are one way that a merchant can acquire new merchandise. The traveller must be wary when dealing with the roving nomads of the desert. Although they have exotic wares for sale at often bargain prices, who knows if all of them are honestly procured?

PickPockets (CR 2)

Several wagons are circled up, each with several racks of merchandise out front.

Type: magical; Perception DC 26 ; Disable Device 26

Trigger location; Reset None


Several of the clothes for sale try to steal pocketed or stored objects from the PCs. Pick Pocket (+8 Sleight of Hand vs. Perception or PC loses a random small item from a pocket, backpack or bag)

PickPockets are generally items of clothing, or perhaps even a bag with string. They need to be something that can reach and grab an object and then hide it. Clothing racks are optimal

If this trap is noticed during a thieving attempt, the merchant will most likely claim that it’s just another item for sale that he was demonstrating. He’ll offer it for sale, perhaps even offering a discount if the PCs aren’t buying the story.



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