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Adventurer’s Weekly – The Party (part 2 and a bid farewell)

TekkittirTekkittir (NG Female half-orc barbarian) is a towering warrior that eschews regular weapons in favor of an uprooted tree—she likes the sounds the leaves make right before she smashes something. She is, however, a bit odd in the head; Tekkittir insists on speaking in third person and doesn’t often realize when she’s being insulted, turned down, asked to leave, asked to wear pants, or many other societal conventions (living as she did with the Vikmordere, who were both sorry and relieved that she left)..

JustahnJustahn Forgemason (NG Male dwarf sorcerer) is a talented financier, smith, and craftsman. His natural dwarvish stubbornness comes out whenever a gold coin does, but his canny intellect and likeable nature have made him indispensable to the rest of the party. Not terrifically keen on being hit, Justahn tends to stick near Tekkittir to let her take the brunt of assaults (something that the barbarian, of course, is completely unaware of). Like most stout folk, he truly does like a good ale, and a fine beer, and maybe another flagon of ale…it’s not totally unheard of for him to get a little blitzed in the tavern, is what we’re telling you.

Nehpets and SkippyNehpets Yeldery (N Male elf druid) is an extremely outspoken antidisestablishmentarian, refusing to accept the trappings of a society. As a result he’s often asked to leave establishments (or, at the very least, take a bath, another of the “restrictive trappings of society!”) Shortly after meeting up with the party he acquired his animal companion (Skippy Stellopotamus), and though it’s quite a strange creature that he can’t seem to find the place of in the natural world, the little rodent has quickly grown on him.

Vic UndervittenVic Undervitten (NG Male halfling rogue) is an aloof thief with a heart of gold, though he’s always up to something with some people, somewhere. Despite his tendency to disappear, he’s proven to be a perceptive boon to the party and is often the voice of reason when an obstacle arises. Like many other thieves, Vic likes a bit of precious metal, although unlike his peers he can become a bit obsessive about it—whether it’s jewelry, buckles, clasps, or even silverware, he “knows a guy.”

To learn more about the rest of the cast, click here, and to catch up on the Adventurer’s Weekly webcomic go here (but make sure to browse Duty in Drak’kal and Strange Salve‘s articles to stay in the loop!)


Unfortunately the axe has come down from on high and this is the last you’ll be hearing from the Adventurer’s Weekly party. 🙁
There may be another comic in the future, and who knows, perhaps this isn’t the last time we see Mykail Mylar and his crew, but for now Adventurer’s Weekly is no more.

We want to thank everyone who followed along on our adventure and encourage you to check out the rest of the awesome on the AaWBlog [along with my many other projects! -MM] or Nathanael Batchelor’s own imminent webcomic (coming soon! Stay tuned to his DeviantArt page for more details.)

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