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Weird Wednesday (Banlan Backlash): Nyamo Scribe Orb

Nyamo Scribe Orb

Aura moderate divination; CL 11th
Slot none; Weight 1 lbs.

This many-faceted orb has been run through with a long adamantine needle extending out one end.

earthbound gem nyamo scribe orb
When analyzed for magical properties, a Nyamo scribe orb indicates that it is a regular scribe orb, made red as a mark of identification for the wizards of Timeaus. In truth this magical item has a secret function—any analysis it performs is immediately communicated to the Order of the Staff in Nyamo (regardless of distance), and it can always be easily found by mages of the organization (located with a DC 13 Will save).

Magic Items scribe orb

Shortly after their presence in Nyamo is known, diplomatic wizards from the Order of the Staff seek out the PCs and insist that they accept a gift for their troubled (likely botched) delivery of alligotoniuma Nyamo scribe orb. The mages insist that any adventurer can make use of the magic item identifying device, and that no compensation is required; they feel horrible about the entire ordeal (a DC 20 Sense Motive check reveals that they do not, though they sincerely want the party to accept their gift).

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