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Story Locale (Banlan Backlash!): Nyamo Production Yards

The Production Yards are one of the most prized features of Nyamo, reaping great profits from the industries related to crafting airships. Valuable secrets lay within, however, and it is one of the most highly guarded areas in any Timean settlement. Each factory has a slightly different technique in smelting the ore and molding it into the engines, and the process of working alligotonium into one is complicated indeed.

First the alligotonium is gently set into a large heavy metal pyramid with cold iron, bolted down to keep it from floating off during processing. A round viewing window with a cylinder hatch is set onto one side of the device at its peak—once sealed, wizards cast extend heat metal on it. As soon as the alligotonium starts to boil, great globs of the glowing red ore float down to the base of the odd crucible and the process is repeated until the ores are thoroughly mixed. When complete, workers attach a thick glass cylinder to the hatch to float precise amounts of it away while beating on the sides and bottom to agitate and loosen any stuck bits.

golem_iron_bg__bruno_balixaAfter the ore has cooled and the glass removed from around it, the bits of alligotonium-cold iron alloy are fitted into square boxes of varying sizes, attached firmly to the base of the engine and spaced very closely to one another. A small cannon is faced directly at the box that fires magic missile at these ore rods every few seconds, agitating them to lift the aircraft above the clouds

The propulsion part of the engine is also assembled in the Nyamo Production Yards, though its area is less secure than the region where alligotonium is involved. Circular blades cut into four slightly bent fins, fusing them to a sturdy metal rod—this attaches to a small device that spins at great speeds. Power generated by the device’s rotation generates a lightning bolt spell that bounces between two coils tipped by copper balls. An attached fulcrum allows it to be pointed in any direction of a hemisphere, and sometimes is attached to the side of an aircraft, allowing it to strafe.


In either case, these areas are extremely warm and any creature within must make a Fortitude save against severe heat every ten minutes (DC 15 + 1 per previous check) or take 1d4 nonlethal heat damage and become fatigued. Nyamo Production Yard personnel wear garments specifically crafted for the task and receive a +20 bonus to these saves, though the hoods reduce the vision of anyone that wears one (incurring a -4 penalty to Perception checks).


[Submitted by Tim Snow!]

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