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Not Everything is as it Appears to Be

Spax_ScrewsSometimes it is fun to present a little challenge. In this case, we have a door secured by stripped screws. Some parties would hack this door down and not be bothered, but there is always going to be somebody who is going to realize he can use his carpentry profession or Dungeoneering skill to fix it. No good deed goes unpunished.

Stripped Screws (CR 7)

The door seems secured with several screws.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 27; Disable Device 29

Trigger touch; Reset None


Each screw is actually a small valve that just appears to be a stripped screw. The screw can be turned with a DC 12 Dungeoneering or Engineering check. However, once this happens, poison gas leaks in from the next room, which requires a DC 27 Perception check to notice. After 1 round, everyone in the room needs to make a DC 12 Fortitude Save or gained the sickened condition. 1d4 rounds later, A DC 15 Fortitude Save is required or characters are knocked unconscious; a new check is made each round for conscious characters. Each round after being knocked unconscious, a DC 18 Fortitude Save must be made or the character loses 1d3 Constitution.

This one is fun because the PC’s can use one of those lesser used skills in an attempt to subvert the door.  And, for awhile, it will appear that it is probably working, so that PC will be more than pleased with himself. Of course, once he starts killing the party off, he may not feel so clever. Of course, this trap is most effective if something else is happening, like being attacked by an orgre magi or something.

Now, if you truly want to be mean, have the gas come from metal tubes within the door itself. If someone does bash the door open, they will find these metal tubes, and if they open them, release the gas. Or, once everyone is revived and they realize they have to bash the door down anyway… they discover empty tubes. Either way, fun is had by all, or at least, you.

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