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New Release! Earl Grey, Hot

After two years of away missions, we’ve just released Earl Grey, Hot. A bit of a parody paying homage to my favorite show of all time.

Special thanks to Michael Allen and Colin Stricklin our fearless authors, Len O’Grady whose art is legendary, Justin Andrew Mason for cranking out some of the best cartography I’ve ever seen him do, Thomas Baumbach for dedicating a portion of his valuable time to craft a beautiful layout, and Roxanne Thompson for all her hard work on the back end, prepping this masterpiece. There’s so much good stuff in these pages, I hope you take the time to pick up a copy (PDF & Print) and run your players through this great adventure for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game!

Please take a moment to beam up to the mothership and check out the digital version on your PADD or engage and jump to warp visiting DriveThruRPG to pick up one of two available versions in print!

Jonathan G. Nelson
AAW Games


Earl Grey, Hot


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