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Necropus Laruascriptum (Greater)

Necropus Laruascriptum (Greater)
Aura overwhelming necromancy; CL 12th
Slot none; Price 499,500 gp; Weight 14 lbs.
Alignment If any volumengeists are bound within the spellbook it is considered to have an alignment of Chaotic Evil (a faint aura for 1-2 spirits, a moderate aura for 3-4 spirits, a strong aura for 5-6 spirits and an overwhelming aura for 7 or more spirits).
Opposition Schools All other than Necromancy
Protection Impervious binding, superior lock binding cover augmented with arcane lock (DC 50) and a symbol of weakness (Fort DC 20) on the first page.

necropus laruascriptum greaterDESCRIPTION
Bound in thick, leathery human flesh dyed a deep ebon, this volume contains one hundred pages of vellum crafted from the skin of various humanoids. Its front and reverse covers are seared with dozens of arcane sigils. The book is encased in a thick, ornate silver framework and bound shut by a segmented silver flap and latch that boasts a complex combination locking mechanism upon the cover. In the alphabet of the common language, the words “et Necropus Laruascriptum majores” are set with embedded crimson rubies.

The Combination Lock
The Necropus Laruascriptum is magically bound (as a modified focused wall of force; CL 20th) and cannot be opened by any amount of force without first disabling the locking mechanism. The combination lock upon the cover is considered a superior lock augmented with an arcane lock(DC 50).

The combination lock is a recessed wheel divided into thirteen equal acute wedges that are each etched with a symbol. Above the wheel, a tiny triangular outcropping from the latch provides a combination marker. The unlocking combination consists of a series of six symbols set to the combination marker with alternating clockwise-counterclockwise motions beginning with a counter-clockwise turn.

The symbols upon the face of the combination lock are (in order): a skull, a serpent, a flame, a claw, a raptor, a wicked dagger, a hand, a widdershins spiral, a jackal, a headless maiden, an eye, a pentagram, and a stylized wisp.

The proper combination to open the Necropus Laruascriptum (Greater) is: counter-clockwise (skull), clockwise (dagger), counter-clockwise (headless maiden), clockwise (flame), counter-clockwise (pentagram), clockwise (jackal).

All text and illumination within the Necropus Laruascriptum is inscribed in blood.

A Knowledge [Arcana] skill check (DC 10) reveals that the sigils burned upon the binding are necromantic in origin, suggesting that the contents of the book are related to the necromancy school of arcane magic.

Page Number(s)              Page Contents
1                                     [Trap] symbol of weakness (Fort DC 20)
2-7                                  (6) 0th/1st-level spells (all necromancy)
8-15                                (4) 2nd-level spells (all necromancy)
16-24                              (3) 3rd-level spells (all necromancy)
25-32                              (2) 4th-level spells (all necromancy)
33-37                              (1) 5th-level spells (all necromancy)
38-43                              (2) Preparation Rituals: Breath of the Grave, Sturdy Summoning
44-63                              (2) Study Guides: Advanced Necromancy, The Ecology of Unlife
64-68                              Ritual for Volumengeist Binding
69-100                            Blank Pages

Spells in the Necropus Laruascriptum (Greater)
0th    bleed, disrupt undead, touch of fatigue
1st    cause fear, chill touch, ray of enfeeblement
2nd   blindness/deafness, command undead, false life, ghoul touch, spectral hand
3rd    gentle repose, halt undead, ray of exhaustion
4th    animate dead, bestow curse
5th    waves of fatigue

Preparation Rituals in the Necropus Laruascriptum (Greater)
When a spellcaster prepares spells using the preparation rituals contained in the Necropus Laruascriptum (Greater), as long as he prepares at least three spells from within he gains a temporary boon. The boon lasts until its effect is spent (as specified by the boon description) or the spellcaster prepares spells again (at which time it can be reapplied by preparing at least three spells from the spellbook). A spellcaster can only take the effect of one preparation ritual when she prepares spells.

Preparation Ritual: Breath of the Grave (Su) A character may, as a swift action, spend this boon’s effect to breathe a 15-foot cone of rotting stench. Creatures within the cone must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + caster level) or be sickened for 1 round. This spends the boon. After this boon has been spent, the character takes a –4 penalty on Diplomacy and Stealth checks until they prepare spells again.

Preparation Ritual: Sturdy Summoning (Su) A creature summoned after the caster performs this ritual gains augmented defenses for a short time. Activating this boon effect is a free action when the caster finishes a conjuration (summoning) wizard spell or summon a volumengeist from this Necropus Laruascriptum. The summoned creature gains a number of temporary hit points equal to the caster’s level, and as long as the summoned creature has at least 1 of these hit points, it gains a +2 circumstance bonus on all saving throws.

Study Guides in the Necropus Laruascriptum (Greater):
When a character uses the study guides contained in this spellbook in tandem with performing specific skill checks (as determined by the effects of the study guide) they receive a bonus to their skill check roll.

Advanced Necromancy
If using this spellbook as a reference when performing a Spellcraft check to determine a necromancy spell being cast or to identify the properties of a magic item that has an aura of necromancy, the character receives a +5 bonus to that skill check.

The Ecology of Unlife
If using this book as a reference when making a Knowledge skill check pertaining to any undead creature, the character gains a +15 bonus to that Knowledge check.


Spirit Binding
Up to 6 lesser page spirits and 3 greater page spirits (see Volumengeists).

Scribe Rejection
Any non-necromancy spell scribed in the Necropus Laruascriptum (Greater) magically vanishes. Any writing applied to the pages of the spellbook magically vanish if they are not scribed in the blood of a creature that was living at the time of the writing.

The Necropus Laruascriptum (Greater) can be destroyed when the current page contains the greater dispel magic spell, by casting the spell on the book itself.


[The Necropus Laruascriptum was submitted by Justin Andrew Mason!]

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