Mendacious Materials: Nails of Aura Adumbration

Nails of Aura Adumbration

Aura none; CL 1st
Slot none; Price 1,000 gp each; Weight

nails of aura adumbrationDESCRIPTION
These 3-inch long, bright golden nails have been meticulously engraved with a spiraling strand of arcane runes.

Nails of aura adumbration generate 6-inch spheres that negate the appearance of any magic aura placed into the field of effect as the effects of mask dweomer (CL 1st). This can be used in conjunction with building of wooden containers, structures, or vessels where the abundance of the nails generates a large enough field to mask from the outside the aura of any magic item contained within. Spotting a nail of aura adumbration that has been pounded into an object requires a DC 28 Perception check.

To calculate how many nails of aura adumbration are needed to build such a structure, calculate the entire surface area (in feet) of the structure and divide by half (rounded up). For example, a 3 ft. square wooden crate would require 27 nails of aura adumbration to completely mask the aura of any item placed within.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, mask dweomer; Cost 500 gp

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