Axe of the Bloodwolf

Axe of the BloodwolfAxe of the Bloodwolf

Aura faint evocation; CL 3rd

Slot none; Price 3,106 gp; Weight 4 lbs.


    The haft of this weapon is made of solid brass with the merest hint of tarnish in the many symbols etched into its surface, its heavy steel head polished to a sheen and bearing a sharp blade that never appears to dull. The tip of the haft is set with a perfectly cut topaz that sparkles with a faint eldritch glow that emanates from the blade. This +1 handaxe is sized for a medium humanoid and sheds a pale blue light (equivalent to a light spell; a bright light radius of 20 feet and shadowy light out to 40 feet).

When wielded by a character with levels in the ranger class the Axe of the Bloodwolf grants a +2 competence bonus to Perception checks; when hunting a favored enemy, it also grants a +2 competence bonus to Survival checks.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms & Armour, aid ; Cost 1,553 gp (61 xp)

History     A successful Knowledge (local) or Knowledge (religion) check reveals information and lore about this weapon determined by the DCs below:

DC 20     This stoutly made handaxe was enchanted by the famed artificer-cleric Arthikus the Silver. A devout worshipper of the god of invention for his entire life, Arthikus enchanted a significant number of weapons in his many years and a great many came to be wielded as blessed weapons of his deity; they are frequently sought by many martial clerics, wizards and sorcerers.

DC 25     The Axe of the Bloodwolf was carried for many seasons by its original owner, a ranger named Cheslav. He was a famous hunter and trapper of the many wolves that harried folk across the snow-covered northern lands (including the vile winter wolves and the worgs of the goblin-kin). One spring he returned to a major city with so many pelts that it was said that the snows ran red with the blood of wolves that day; the legend of his massive bounty (often told to excited children across the realm) became the source of Cheslav’s nickname – Bloodwolf. Eventually he retired, seeking the sunnier climes further south where he passed this axe onto a worthy young ranger in the service of nature. From there it was charted as steadily moving back to the snowy and unexplored lands of the north.

DC 30     The most recent tales hold that the axe was lost when the novice ranger Argus the Verdant and his party fell while fighting unknown enemies in the frozen lands; they are believed to have been seeking the lair of the white dragon Zinnath Frostmaw.

Original Creator: Arthikus the Silver (but submitted by Jonathan Ely)


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2 thoughts on “Axe of the Bloodwolf”

  1. Dangur the Druid

    So this would be classified as a artifact / unique item I take it? Very detailed description and history.

  2. More of a unique item than an artifact, really. Each of the items I’ve produced thus far tends to be useful to all classes, but more useful to a specific class (in this case, the ranger).

    The detailed history is designed to be useful for a DM to develop a side quest in order to hunt the item – which in this case might (or might not) be in the possession of a white dragon.

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