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    So, due to Real Life issues the players have just finally finished A-04 going into A-05 & on to RotD Hopefully next week. I have just informed them that I want them all to start keeping a journal in character of their experiences & thoughts as they have finally gotten somewhat settled in Rybalka. I am in hopes that they all do so, and allow me to…[Read more]

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    Its not something I could do, but would you be OK with a fan modified/photoshopped copy of RotD maps to create the desired “player view” maps for sharing through AAW?

  • In case people can’t tell already…. YOU GUYS ARE ROCKIN!

  • In the HL downloads you have a “master file”, which I’m guessing I already have due to the RotD Kickstarter. However, just to be sure I was wondering what exactly it is/has in it?

    Thank You ­čÖé

  • If there isn’t anyplace for that, then maybe offer a “premium subscription” that lets us get any applicable HL files with our free downloads each month. Just a thought in an effort to do less transactions on the card & still get the files that are of interest over time.

  • I was wondering if there was a way to buy just the HL files for individual modules, or even for groups of modules that go together well? I was thinking much like you did for the RotD HL bundles, but for the other adventures.

  • We started the first session with only 3 of the 4 players, due to one player getting made to work unexpectedly. The 3 came in with a Ranged Fighter, a support Bard that uses a whip, and ninja (contracted to steal crafting secrets rumored to be possessed by the Vikmordere). Despite the party composition, they made light work of the 10 kobold…[Read more]

  • After starting with A0 and A1, in order to have the best lead into Rybalka to get started on the RotD prologue; should I continue with A2 & A3? I haven’t read the other 2 yet & want to make sure I keep the progression as smooth/natural as possible for the players.

  • Hey all,

    I had joined (mostly lurking in the shadows) the ranks back before the RotD KS, and boy was I glad to find AaW at that time. Along the way I let my subscription lapse somehow, so here I am making my presence more known (and hopefully more active) to avoid history repeating itself.

    My name is Vinciente, and I have been playing…[Read more]