• So, once more my group surprised the hell out of me and did some cool stuff.

    Snuck in to the fortress using the secret passage late at night (like, 3am or so). Found Erik Splitaxe asleep in his room in the basement and murdered him while he slept.

    Then they took his head and marched boldly up in to the room where the rest of the barbarians were…[Read more]

  • They did get through it without it burning down amazingly enough. They even split up beforehand, with the Paladin deciding the townsfolk who were outside fighting undead needed his help more than the burning tower did. Meanwhile, the thief thought it’d be a good idea to follow Juriendor downstairs sneakily.

    It was pretty hard to not just…[Read more]

  • Just finished getting my group through part 2 of the prologue on our way to playing the full adventure.

    So far we have had an Elven Thief jump up and ride a Dire Wolverine and a Halfling Barbarian slip out of a Gargoyle’s grasp from on high, and crash down on to a Drider to pretty stunning effect.

    Been good fun so far. Part 3 to come, then on to…[Read more]

  • xvipah replied to the topic GenCon! in the forum Adventure-A-Week 4 years, 11 months ago

    It’s been a few weeks, but I did want to mention that it was great to see you guys at GenCon. Much thanks to Mike, Stephen, and Jonathan for signing my prologue book I brought with me.

    Looking forward to the Snow White stuff. And I may have some chronicles of what my party has been doing in RotD up soon 🙂


  • xvipah replied to the topic Introduce Yourself! in the forum Adventure-A-Week 5 years ago

    Thankfully it’s not a difficult transition as 3.5 and PF share a lot of core similarities. I tried, at one point, to get my group to try out a Savage Worlds campaign. That didn’t work out too well. 🙂

    I will definitely see you guys at GenCon. I’m playing so many different game systems there (PF, Savage Worlds, Cthulu, D&D 5, Mage) that my head…[Read more]

  • xvipah replied to the topic Introduce Yourself! in the forum Adventure-A-Week 5 years ago

    I’m Mike, originally came on-board through the RotD kickstarter.

    I have since become a regular subscriber. Love the stuff you guys do, thanks for that! 🙂

    Been gaming for probably 26 years or so now, started with Dungeons & Dragons, moved to AD&D 1st Edition, and have played every version of it since, along with games like Shadowrun, Vampire,…[Read more]

  • xvipah started the topic GenCon! in the forum Adventure-A-Week 5 years ago

    Looking forward to seeing you guys there. I may bring random AAW books to have them signed (the ones that aren’t already signed of course) from the RotD kickstarter. 😉

    But I will definitely be stopping by the booth one way or another to see what you guys have going on..