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  • Thanks for the warm welcome Mike!
    I can’t take credit for the “new” system I’m using, it’s from a company called New Haven Games and it’s called Myth & Magic. I funded the kickstarter for the players guide and DM guide. As with a lot of kickstarters out there, things have been slow and the fate of the project doesn’t look good. But as a backer,…[Read more]

    • Oh Ravenloft. Any universe with cannibalistic, telepathic halflings is A+ in my book.

      • Those rules sound very cool to me. Someday I need to make some time to try out some other systems! Ravenloft was an awesome setting, I loved the detail they went into regarding things like the gypsies and their way of life.

  • Hi All, Dennis here. Been gaming since the 80’s, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I started playing basic or OD&D using the “New, Easy to Master D&D set” and the Rules Cyclopedia. From there, graduated to AD&D 2nd Edition, which was were most of my best games and campaigns came from. Didn’t jump at 3rd Edition right away but finally…[Read more]

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