• If you’re remedying things in the adventure, you’ll need to explain how a large sized Otyugh can hide in ankle deep garbage in a 10′ wide room (very malleable?). Perhaps a large pile of trash on the other side? This will mean more trash in front of the secret door, though. Also, it’d be good to round out the missing box texts from some rooms.

  • In ‘Return to the Crypt of the Sun Lord’ is anyone else bothered by the fact that Ka’Teek’s (false) treasure room has now been turned into a garbage heap without explanation?

    Further, it might be nice to add a little more about the possible ecosystem that has developed in the crypt since it was looted. I love that there’s ex-loggers wandering…[Read more]

  • I asked this question a long time ago, and the answer was that god had not yet been defined for Aventyr.

    Any update, Jonathan?

  • This has a great flavor! You might also note in the ‘Study Guide’ section that if someone does not have levels in Wizard (necromancer) the book has enough information to guide the reader to take a level in that […]

  • On another note, the stats for Yuri Statel were never updated to give him a bonded item/familiar. I also noticed he has no way of concealing his alignment. The campaign takes on a much different tenor when a first level cleric or 2nd level paladin can tell you Yuri is evil. He doesn’t have a magic item to conceal this, either – is that by design?

  • Well, I had to modify this pathway to even get my players to consider it – trading the gem for a ‘mystery package’ (which they never opened, but probably would have been a rare alcoholic beverage).

  • Pathfinder now. If I’m going to play such a fiddly system as 3.5, might as well make it more fiddly (but slightly more streamlined) than 3.5, so I switched to Pathfinder.

  • I like the concept, but these seem on the average a little more powerful than I’d like to be handing out. If they were diluted by more minor ones (rerolls, +1d8 on a roll, things with a much smaller scope) the […]

  • B4, the Cave Beasts Hoard, is great for dispelling preconceived notions in experienced players. My players enjoyed it.

  • My condolences.

  • I’m starting my group on the Fallen Leaves adventure path. What I like is that it keys off of a sidetrek adventure that I’d planned to play already (Contagion). I was going to suggest that it’s nice to have 1 adventure outside of the path that can be a teaser and make the lead-in very natural.

  • kwauss replied to the topic Introduce Yourself! in the forum Adventure-A-Week 5 years ago

    My name is Michael, also know as Kwauss on the forum.

    I’ve been gaming for 35 years, starting with Basic and AD+D. Over the years I’ve taken side trips into Gurps, Champions, Exalted, V+V, but have always returned to D+D. After realizing what a horror 4E was, I became a PF convert, and my group plays weekly (despite kids and 60 hour a week…[Read more]

  • I like a 10 level path: 1-10 (in this case it could probably go higher to 12 or 15), 3-13 or 5-15. I also like some flexibility to have side adventures at certain points. My preference leans towards starting higher than first – it allows you to get a group cohesive and functional before putting them into a path.

  • Two ideas – one is if they take the sword from the Sun-King, a cult of his followers can make sure they’re ‘worthy’ – and be good aligned to boot!
    The Devil in the Dark Wood – Bakinqua (sp) is bound to escape and recur…surviving the adventurer attack probably means he levels!

    • I think you will like my new adventure in the works… Return to the Crypt of the Sun Lord. It involves the Blade of the Sun Lord and a beautifully crafted isometric dungeon map expanding the dungeon into a secret level below the previously fully explored crypt! 😀

  • I like that it allows a lot of flavor to be built in by what is whispered…

  • Michael posted a new activity comment 5 years ago

    There appears to be something wrong with my subscription at the moment, so I can’t look, but I believe it’s in the campaign setting that his description is included (and linked to from individual adventures).

  • kwauss posted an update in the group Group logo of Aventyr Campaign SettingAaW Campaign Setting 5 years, 5 months ago

    Who does Juriendor (Rybalkan High Priest) worship anyways? The ‘God of War’ isn’t listed in the deities, except a NE one…

    • As of yet we have not developed the deity referenced although we assumed most GMs would use the standard war deity from their setting. We plan on fleshing out the campaign setting a bit more once Rise of the Drow is out the door. Perhaps some Klavekian and Vikmordere deities will finally see the light of day!

  • I think their point was ’50 gp to pick up a gem sounds like something we’d agree to, but 50 gp to cross the wilderness and invade the dwarven nation to steal a gem is less appealing’. There is a side encounter to get the dwarf to give you the gem, but the initial premise needs to be adjusted to make sense to the PCs. As I said, if they sound…[Read more]

  • I can’t remember if I posted this, but did anyone else have a similar experience? My players are currently in Winterflower, and reacted in an interesting manner to ‘Alem’s Quest’. When they were offered 50+ gold to get a ‘rare gem’, they asked why the dwarves would give up such a gem, and what would they have to give the dwarves for it? I made…[Read more]

    • I’ll have to go back and refresh my memory. I don’t remember writing that into the adventure. It states that the dwarves simply give the PCs a gem? I thought they had to perform a short quest for a dwarf involving a cave fisher after which he grants the party a gem.

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    Any luck?

    • There appears to be something wrong with my subscription at the moment, so I can’t look, but I believe it’s in the campaign setting that his description is included (and linked to from individual adventures).

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