• Also, reading ahead a little, I see a very nice diagram of the Sacred Necklace in A3. However I can’t seem to find what the item actually does?

  • One thing I am curious about is that Gunnar is listed as having damage resistance/silver, where as Woln and Wotar are also werewolves but are not listed as having DR?

  • We missed a week due to RL issues and then played again this past week. The players arrived in Rybalka, and we had the most roleplay that we’ve done so far. The players enjoyed the Thirsty Serpent (Finn Starling? That’s a PC name!) and the bard player got to perform for the crowd. The party saw Juriendor, who neutralized the cavalier’s poison in…[Read more]

  • 1) I am the GM. It has been a while since I last GMed and I am happy to do it again.

    2) We are playing Pathfinder.

    3) I have run A00 and A01 so far. The group was bigger than I thought so 00 was a cakewalk. I added a couple extra skeletons to 01 to make it more challenging, and might take this approach in the future. A01 went pretty well

    4)…[Read more]

  • Hey, I’m Ken. I’ve been gaming since I was fourteen with AD&D 2e. Currently I am into Pathfinder. Just joined the site as I want to GM again but don’t have the time to write my own stuff as I work and have a small child. Got the A-series in a bundle and wanted to see the setting. Looks cool so far.

  • About to start running the A-series as soon as our current GM wraps up, any advice?