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    Hi Everyone, My name is Justin Dooley. I run a small game design company out of Mississauga Ontario, Canada called Allied Games. We have released two small mobile titles and are working on a much larger PC based RTS with a super rich back story filled with lore.

    I first experienced D&D style games only a year ago. I played some Dungeon world at Fan Expo Canada and loved it. Since I wanted more and I didn’t know any DMs I decided to just do it myself. I have 2 experienced players and 3 un-experienced players in my group (plus myself) and have been leading a somewhat crazy, unplanned and sometimes drunken roam across the countryside. I recently (somehow miraculous) got the PC’s to agree to join an adventurers guild where then now take on quests with decisive outcomes and some set rewards. This is a great place to start as at this point everyone is just reaching level 6 in a fast play session.

    They where given three sessions to pick from and they chose “Thief in the Night” because vampires might kill the whole town. On route I made them take a ship and we did a modified version of Crow’s Rest Island which fairly smoothly. I used Ogres instead of hobgoblins and a Demon Host for the boss.

    They just fought all 10 ogres at once. When 5 died I spawned the boss from the opposite side of the map but they just went to town eventually killing everything. (Hey sometimes it happens) Lots of fun though.

    So far the party is a Righteous paladin, A gunslinger fighting for justice, a A.D.D gnome ranger, a shade (custom race) summoner who does not talk unless transformed into a person, and a prostitute druid with no use for gold and a massive drug addiction.

    Hi Everyone!