• Yep, both of the campaigns I’m running now are experiencing some weather but one will be feeling it’s effects later on.

    Yes the ad&d Wilderness Survival Guide is still an excellent source of material along with the Dungeonier Survival Guide.

    I’m just looking to see if anyone else has thoughts on the matter.

  • Hello!

    I’ve been working on my own fantasy setting for several years on and off and one aspect of gaming that often gets over looked is weather.

    While trekking down a mountain slope heavy rains or snow would really make the trip dangerous. How do you handle this kind of thing in your game?

    Better yet what types of weather hazards does your…[Read more]

  • To bad this one was never finished.

  • Garycon is very intimate. It amazes me how social the big names of the industry are. I sat and talked to Elmore for 45 minutes. What a great guy.
    I’d highly recommend it. If you need anything there let me know.

  • Hello!

    My name is Robert Morris jr. I am the Owner/Admin of several Facebook groups dealing with D&D and Fantasy RPGs. By the middle of 2018 the membership base of my groups reached 20k! I’m happy to share the world of RPGs with everyone I can.

    I also host a Pintrest page with almost 48K pins mostly relating to the above topics. Here I hope…[Read more]