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Ring of Exuberance

Celurian-Chain Link Rings

Ring of Exuberance

Aura faint transmutation; CL 3rd

Slot ring; Price 9,500 gp; Weight


This beautifully crafted ring is actually in two parts – one is onyx black, the other sterling gold. Each miniature circlet is infused with a light cyan energy that entwine’s the wearer’s finger.

The wearer of a ring of exuberance gains a +2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity, a +10 ft. enhancement bonus to their speed and ignores all penalties of the fatigued condition (note: the wearer may still become ‘fatigued’, they simply suffer no penalties for it and receive negative modifiers when they reach the exhausted condition).



A character that makes a Knowledge (history) or Knowledge (local) check to learn about the ring of exuberance identifies the following fragments of lore:

DC 10     Halflings are responsible for first creating the ring of exuberance with the aim of winning a grand race between villages. The rivalry was so great that a retired adventurer from one of the settlements crafted the enchanted ring for no purpose other than this race.

DC 15     The original creator was actually a half-elf. Having grown up with the halflings, the otherwise-outcast actually made the ring of exuberance to assist the burgeoning courier business of a longtime friend.

DC 20     Katra the half-elven wizard became the defender of the settlement through unlikely means – when attacked, the fleet-footed courier service quickly relayed messages about the guard and their alacrity saved the halfling town time and again.

DC 25     The magical craftswoman wasn’t the only retired adventurer; unbeknownst to the half-elf, her longtime friend Jerry Draggletuck was also a retired adventurer. Having taken to the art of thievery, he soon found that his retirement was constantly disrupted by many individuals he had stolen from or cheated throughout his lucrative career. Reluctantly, he used half of his funds to convince his childhood friend to craft relatively cost-effective rings that would enable the settlement Jerry called home to defend itself effectively.



Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Iron Will, cat’s grace, expeditious retreat, lesser restoration; Cost 4,750 gp 190 xp




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2 thoughts on “Ring of Exuberance

  1. At 9500 gp, this ring seems to be a steal. Unfortunately there isn’t a formula for calculating ring costs, so I’m curious as to how the price was arrived at.

    With three powers, the +2 Dex and +10 feet of movement are useful and actually powerful in my mind. The fatigue is a cherry on top of it all. Boots of striding and springing 5500 gp, 4000 gp for belt of dex, and the fatigue ability another 4k. I’d put the price at 18000 gp.

  2. Hello Wenin! Thank you for your feedback! We thrive on it!

    This ring is a bit of a steal, but perhaps not as great a bargain as you might think.

    When combining effects for magical items (in both 3.5 and Pathfinder), you take the most expensive quality (in this case, 5,500 gp – although the ring does not grant a +5 competence skill bonus) and then add in 75% of the next (3,000), and 50% of any others (tack on another 2,000) – which puts us at 10,500 gp – 1,000 higher than what I quoted!

    However, rings are a tricky business and arguably one of the most valuable slots an adventurer can fill. In 3.5 I’m unaware of any magic items other than a rod of flailing that grant a deflection bonus to AC and aren’t rings. In Pathfinder, the only two items are vambraces at 6,000 and 8,000 gp, respectively (both of which are limited to +1).

    Then there’s the matter of Forge Ring.
    Given that Magic Item Mondays caters to both 3.5 and Pathfinder, a balance must be struck between the varying required levels for crafting the item (the feat has a 12th level requirement in 3.5 and a 7th level requirement in Pathfinder). This means we’re talking about (at best) 4th level spells being slung about (at worst, 6th level spells) and the like for anyone creating it.

    Between those caveats, I felt that reducing the price for the ring of exuberance by 1,000 gp was the way to go.

    Pathfinder recommends comparing an item to similarly priced goods: I’d say that this certainly is in the running with comparable rings (which grant +10 competence bonuses to a few skills, or charm animal at will). The two core abilities can be replicated by wondrous items (for the cost of 8,500 gp) and the fatigue bit (not being an immunity) is unlikely to play a huge part mechanically.

    Anyway, I’m dragging on a bit here and I fear my reply may be longer than the ring of exuberance’s entry!

    Thank you again for your feedback!

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