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Dyrnwyn 2.0

Aura moderate necromancy; CL 9th

Slot none; Price 34,315 gp; Weight 5 lbs.


This four-foot full bladed longsword is forged from the finest steel, with a broad S-style crossguard that holds a matched pair of opals. The hilt is wrapped in the finest ivory, polished white from decades of use, and the hilt is capped with a heavy gold pommel studded with black pearls. The broad blade is both weighty and razor sharp as it narrows to an elongated point. The weapon is curiously free of any magical script or visible aura, but the heavy leather scabbard is formed from the thick hide of a black bear studded with fine silver rivets, each marked with an individual arcane rune.

This +3 vicious longsword is a finely crafted weapon that has obviously seen several decades of combat in hands of numerous masters. When drawn by a warrior of lawful good or lawful neutral alignment, the blade erupts in blue faerie fire, proving that the bearer is an honest and lawful individual that may be trusted in their future dealings (granting them an alignment aura equivalent to a cleric of their level).

Such a wielder only receives the damage inflicted back upon the wielder of a vicious weapon 50% of the time. However, such an enchanted bearer is always highlighted when wielding this weapon, taking a –20 penalty on all Stealth checks. The outlined weapon does not benefit from the concealment normally provided by darkness (though a 2nd-level or higher magical darkness effect functions normally), blur, displacement, invisibility, or similar effects placed upon it or its bearer. The light is too dim to have any special effect on undead or dark-dwelling creatures vulnerable to light.


A character that makes a Knowledge (nobility) or Knowledge (local) check to learn about the item identifies the following fragments of lore:

DC 20     Dyrnwyn (“White-Hilt”) was said to be a powerful sword belonging to Rhydderch Hael, one of the three lords mentioned in the Western Sagas. When drawn by a worthy or well-born man, the entire blade would blaze with fire.

DC 25     Rhydderch was never reluctant to hand the weapon to anyone, hence his nickname Hael “the Generous”, but the recipients, as soon as they had learned of its peculiar properties, always rejected the sword and returned it back to him.

DC 30      The weapon was eventually lost when Rhydderch fought a powerful necromancer. His foe was eventually vanquished, but the demands of the weapon were too great and the great warrior was lost along with his famous blade. However, rumors have recently abounded that Rhydderch walks again as a powerful shade…


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, enervation, faerie fire, crafter must be lawful good or lawful neutral; Cost 17,315 gp 1,373 xp


Submitted by Jonathan Ely


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  1. You just know that it is an Ely item when you read the name.Great work Jon.

  2. Many thanks, Brian!

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