Mischievous Gauntlets

gauntlet-10Mischievous Gauntlets

Aura faint enchantment (compulsion); CL 3rd

Slot none; Price 18,994 gp; Weight 1 lb.


Leather fills the interior of these flexible gauntlets, protected on the outside by dozens of small metal scales. A spiked band wraps around the wearer’s knuckles and the concentric steel plates thin in size to allow for flexibility of the fingers. When striking an object the armored gloves turn an earthy gray color and make the dull clacking sound of stone striking on stone.

A mischievous gauntlet deals 1d6 weapon damage (1d4 if used by a small sized character) on a successful hit and when striking an object the wielder ignores any Hardness less than 8. Twice per day the wielder of a mischievous gauntlet may activate the item as a standard action to inflict hideous laughter (Will DC 13) against a target within 30 feet. The duration of this spell effect is 3 rounds.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, tasha’s hideous laughter/hideous laughter, fist of stone/stone fist; Cost 9,672 gp (387 xp)


History     A Knowledge (local) check reveals some of the history and lore behind the mischievous gauntlets; refer to the DCs below to determine how much.

DC 15     Thugs and mercenary henchmen across the realm greatly value these gauntlets; the saying “Why pick a lock when you can break the door?” is duly credited to the armored gloves. Thieves’ guild masters consider it a mark of respect (and utility) to keep their bodyguards equipped with mischievous gauntlets and theft of the enchanted items is strictly prohibited.

DC 19     The first thieves’ guild leader to popularize mischievous gauntlets was the celebrated Garjest the Grand. Famous for both his portly stature and the wealth he brought to his allies, Garjest even went so far as to gift several sets of these unique gloves to the bodyguards of his competitors.

DC 23     Garjest was once a bodyguard himself and was the first person to commission a pair of mischievous gauntlets. A clever man if there ever were one, he waited for the most opportune moments to use the armament’s additional enchantment, removing enemies from all sides with an alacrity that stunned the criminal underworld.


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