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Brashclaw’s Chopper

Brashclaw's ChopperBrashclaw’s Chopper

Aura moderate evocation; CL 9th

Slot ; Price 20,350 gp; Weight 13 lbs.


This masterfully crafted is brutal in design, clearly made with intimidation in mind. Nearly five feet in length, the blade of this terrible greatsword is forged from the purest steel while the long handle and crossguards are wrought from a second piece of metal that has been dyed black and reinforced with bands of solid brass. The blade has magical runes etched into it, each brutally etched out in electrum. These runes continually sparkle, hinting at the raw power of the weapon even when protected in its scabbard (formed from the scaly hide of an immense crocodile).

In the hands of any regular warrior this unsophisticated weapon acts as nothing more than a +3 greatsword. In the hands of a ranger proficient in wielding this weapon that has swamp as one of their favoured terrains, Brashclaw’s Chopper allows the bearer to breathe underwater for up to fifteen minutes per day.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms & Armour, water breathing; Cost 10,350 gp (800 xp)


History      A successful Knowledge (local) or Knowledge (arcana) check identifies fragments of knowledge about this weapon, determined by the DCs below:

DC 25     This brutal weapon was originally received as part of a tribute to the black wyrm Romanadvoratrelundar (who was better known as the Putrid Lord) over a thousand years ago. The black dragon laid claim to the Swamp Lands of the South, and unified many of the lizardman tribes living therein. These tribes came to revere the Putrid Lord as a living god, and provided this rudimentary weapon (among numerous other gifts) and manpower to further the foul drake’s aims.

DC 30     In the dragon’s long life he selected many lizardman champions for their cunning and brutality; one such champion was the great hunter Brashclaw, whose prodigious size and penchant for destruction pleased his master enough for a gift from his own hoard. The Putrid Lord selected the greatsword and enchanted it through his own arcane skill before presenting it to Brashclaw; he immediately vowed loyalty to Romanadvoratrelundar over his own tribe. The black wyrm died of unknown causes several decades after the sword was empowered and the previously united tribes fell apart into a series of bloody internecine wars (the fate of Brashclaw and his mighty sword is not recorded).

DC 35     The player characters receive 1d3 reasonable rumours to the location of the long-forgotten lair of the Putrid Lord (likely found in a swamp).

Original Creator: Romanadvoratrelundar, “the Putrid Lord” (but submitted by Jonathan Ely).

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2 thoughts on “Brashclaw’s Chopper

  1. Is there anymore information on the Putrid Lord that can be found here or elsewhere? It sounds like a perfect adventure to send my PCs on.

  2. Hi Ben,

    Unfortunately, not at this stage – the history is a designed to be a hook for DMs to write their own side quests that are appropriate for their own campaigns and PCs. However, I would suggest that the party members should be approximately 9th level in a large swamp environment that should be very unforgiving, and that the Putrid Lord should be a black dragon of no less than Young Adult age (and probably older, if your players can handle it). I would surround the Putrid Lord with lizardmen and trolls/scrags as minions.

    Hope this helps!


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