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Aura moderate necromancy; CL 5th

Slot none; Price: 36,358 gp; Weight: 7 lbs.


This nondescript morningstar has been forged from darkly tinted steel, its head a large ball of heavy dark steel festooned with vicious spikes. The handle is straight and smooth, without apparent inscription or embellishment, yet the quality of this weapon is obvious to those who behold it. The mace’s contoured handle completes this brutal yet simple weapon.

This +3 morningstar is a delightfully simple weapon that bears little ornamentation and sheds no sign of obvious magical aura to those seeking such a weapon (although it is obviously enchanted to anyone looking at it with detect magic). Tinted at the time of its creation, this weapon’s head is the dull color of coal and its simplicity has caused many an opponent to underestimate its power. While most can wield this weapon effectively in combat, in the hands of a rogue this truly comes into its own.

Twice per day on a successful sneak attack a wave of dark energy envelops their target and saps them of energy. The target must make a Fortitude save (DC 18) or suffer from exhaustion for five minutes, while success means that the target is only fatigued for five minutes. This effect is subject to spell resistance; the wielder receives a +6 bonus on the check to overcome it. On a failed check to overcome spell resistance, the dark energy reflects back on the wielder and subjects them to the spell effect instead.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, ray of exhaustion; Cost 18,000 gp


History A successful Knowledge (local) check identifies fragments of lore about this weapon, determined by the DCs below.

DC 15     Borne by the brutal bounty hunter, slaver and alleged assassin Gyrth Morcar, this weapon was used for over a decade to beat his targets into submission, ready for them to be returned to their accuser or sold into slavery. Enamored with the weapon, Gyrth named it Soulbreaker.

DC 20     As long as Gyrth collected his hefty fee, the heavily-built half-ogre cared not who he struck with this weapon, which he had forcibly taken from a shrine deep within a mountain community early in his career. It is suggested, by those who know such lore that the weapon was forged by duergar.

DC 25     Thirty-seven years ago, Gyrth succumbed to a poison reputedly administered by one of his retinue of slaves during a visit to a major city. As he lay dying, choking upon the blood swelling within his own lungs, his many valuables were stripped from his body and borne away by the poor of the city – including this fine weapon. His slaves were executed as a matter of course, but Soulbreaker has never been seen since.

  Submitted by Jonathan Ely


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